Walk with us and enjoy a unique tribute concert.

Have you ever walked through a tunnel?
Then register now for the inauguration of the Annie Cordy tunnel in Brussels on Sunday 22 May.
The first 2,500 walkers will receive a unique gift.
So be quick!
Are you ready to discover the tunnel or do you still have some questions? On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about the inauguration of the Annie Cordy tunnel.

How can I best reach the event?

The activities for the inauguration of the Annie Cordy tunnel are concentrated on the Emile Bossaertlaan. Coming from the Eugène Simonisplein it is a 10 minute walk through the Elisabethpark. 

Is there a public (paying) car park? 

An overview of the different parking zones in the municipalities of Koekelberg and Ganshoren can be found at https://parking.brussels/nl/koekelberg. There are two (paying) public car parks in the vicinity of the Elisabethpark: Simonis (https://be.parkindigo.com) and Spiegel at Koningin Astridplein in Jette (www.apcoa.be).  

I am coming by tram, where do I get off? 

Check in advance: www.mivb.be
- Line 9 (Koning Boudewijn - Simonis) up to Simonis
- Line 19 (De Wand - Groot-Bijgaarden) until Bossaert-Basiliek 

I am coming by bicycle, is there a bicycle park?

There are bicycle bowsers and supports at various locations around Elisabeth Park. You can map out a route to suit you at https://routeplanner.bike.brussels. Cycle routes B and C are close by and cycle routes 11 and 12a are close by. There are also several Villo! bike stations (www.villo.be) nearby.

I am coming by bus/metro, where do I get off?

Check in advance: www.mivb.be

  • Metrolijn 2 (Elisabeth Simonis) up to Simonis
  • Metrolijn 6 (Elisabeth Koning Boudewijn) up to Simonis
  • Buslijn 13 (UZ VUB Zwarte Vijvers) up to Riethuisen
  • Buslijn 53 (Militair HospitaalWestland Shopping) up to Bossaert-Basiliek
  • Lijn 87 (Beekkant Simonis) up to Riethuisen

I am coming by train, how do I reach the event?

All connections towards Brussels can be found on www.nmbs.be. The nearest station is Brussels-North. From there it is about 4 km on foot to the Elisabethpark. Do you take the tram from Brussel-Noord station? You can, walk 700m in the direction of Rogier and take line 2 or 6 to stop Elisabeth. You can also take the bus from Brussels North: lines 13, 87, 213 and 214 are available and stop at Elisabeth Parc. Check all timetables in advance on www.mivb.be.

At what time does the inauguration start?

The official inauguration is scheduled for 1 pm. Then the walk will start. The last starting time to walk through the tunnel is 16h30.

What time does the event finish?

The inauguration of the tunnel will end with a tribute concert to Annie Cordy. It will start at 3 pm and last for an hour and a half.

What is the route of the walk?

The walk starts at the Basilica entrance and heads south via the tunnel to Sainctelette. There you turn right and return through the tunnel to the Basilica entrance.

How many km is the walk through the tunnel?

The distance between Basilica and Sainctelette is 1.9 km, so the total distance is about 4 km.

Can I leave the tunnel during the walk?

Yes you can, the first point of return is after 935 meter, the second point of return is after 1.900 meter. This is halfway the tunnel. 



What time does the concert start?

The concert will start at 3PM.

Until what time does the concert last?

The concert lasts 90 minutes, so it will be finished around 16h30.

I am not well enough to walk, so I cannot take part in the walk. Can I come to the concert?

The walk and the concert are part of the inauguration of the Annie Cordy tunnel. Both activities can be attended together or separately.

I forgot my pre-registration documents, how do I solve this?

No problem, even without pre-registration you can participate in the walk. Unfortunately, you cannot collect your unique gift.

I can only register a maximum of 10 people, but I am coming with more, how can I reach you?

Are you coming with more than 10 people? Then send us an email. We will gladly process your registration: events@pink-ribbon.be

How much does it cost to participate in the event?

The walk and the concert are free of charge.

Do I get a tax certificate if I make a separate donation

DONATE directly to the King Baudouin Foundation. You can make a donation to the Pink Ribbon Fund via the King Baudouin Foundation, which is then tax deductible. Attention: donations are only tax deductible from €40. 

I walk along with The Pink Walk, do I have to register separately for the Anny Cordy tunnel walk? 

Yes, The Pink Walk and the walk are 2 separate events.

Is registration mandatory? 

Registration is not mandatory, but if you register you will receive a unique gift when you visit the Pink Ribbon (Elisabeth Park) stand on Sunday 22 May.

Is the park accessible for wheelchairs? And what about a buggy/coach?

Yes, the park is accessible for wheelchairs as well as buggies/coaches.

Is there access by wheelchair, buggy/coach to the tunnel? 

Yes, the tunnel is accessible for both wheelchairs and buggies/coaches. The turning point halfway will also be accessible to wheelchairs and buggies/coaches.

Are dogs welcome in the park?

The park is managed by Bruxelles Environnement and dogs are welcome.

We do ask you to respect the conditions.

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FRENCH: click here

I am registered for The Pink Walk and the Annie Cordy event, but now I cannot enter my steps. How come?

If you are signed up for several events with one account, such as Annie Cordy, after signing up the platform will ask you which event you want access to. You can do this by clicking on the event you want to view.

I am already registered for The Pink Walk and also want to register for the Annie Cordy event, but the platform says I am already registered. How can I register?

We have unfortunately noticed that participants of The Pink Walk sometimes experience difficulties registering for the Annie Cordy event. Our IT colleagues are looking into this.

In the meantime, we are happy to offer you a solution!

1. Log yourself out of the platform.
2. Then start the registration process of the Annie Cordy event again. The platform will recognize your information and ask you to log in.
3. Log in with your email address and password.
4. The platform will now automatically complete your personal information.
5. You will receive a confirmation email from the Annie Cordy event.

Attention: If you now log in on the platform, you will first have to indicate which event you want access. So if you want to enter your steps, first indicate here "The Pink Walk". The platform will automatically connect you to the correct event.