Throw a high tea party

A well-known tradition with a pink touch

You can organise a high tea party in all shapes, colours and sizes. Are you going for traditional afternoon tea with delicious scones and sandwiches, or would you rather give your tea party a healthy twist? Do you prefer a small, pleasant gathering at home, or would you like to turn your garden into a London afternoon tea venue? And if you prefer coffee to tea, why not make it an afternoon coffee party? This is your moment, your afternoon, so you can make it exactly how you like it.

How can you do this?

Step 1: Plan your high tea party

Open your calendar and choose a day for your high tea party. Check that your friends, family, neighbours and/or colleagues are available at the chosen date and time. Make a shopping list of what you need and start the preparations.

Step 2: Create your personal event page

Register and set up your own event page. Personalise your page with photos and tell your story to let everyone know why you want to raise money for Pink Ribbon with your high tea party.

Step 3: Spread the word

When your event page is all set up, share it by email or your social media and ask your friends, family and colleagues for a donation during your high tea party.

Why organise a high tea party?

Organising a high tea party is the perfect opportunity to bring people together and raise money for a good cause. If someone close to you has been affected by breast cancer, this may be the time to give some extra support. It can also be a beautiful moment to remember someone close to you who has unfortunately lost the battle against the disease. Or you may want to celebrate a final chemo session, which is the first big step towards recovery. The reason for and story behind your high tea party will help you to shape it and make it a real tribute. This will make every euro you collect that much more valuable.