Pink Monday



British psychologist Cliff Arnal came up with the term 'Blue Monday' in 2005 to refer to a day that according to him is the most depressing day of the year. He took different conditions into account: the Holidays are behind us, the days are short and the weather is cold while summer and annual leave aren’t in sight. A period in which a lot of people feel sad and even depressed.

Pink Ribbon wants to change this! Pink is the new blue! Our mission is to turn the most depressing day of the year into a day of hope, support and awareness about breast cancer. This is how we will turn Blue Monday into Pink Monday!

A day that we will dedicate entirely to prevention, (early) detection of breast cancer and support for (former)breast cancer patients. Currently, 100,000 Belgian women are fighting against the disease. One out of nine women are affected by breast cancer. This includes your colleagues. It is therefore important to support your affected colleague(s) in this difficult period. He or she will have to endure a tough journey with ups and downs. Support can change the world for them.

Together we can make the battle bearable. We provide the necessary tips, tricks and tools, and your employees implement them together. This way, we can fight breast cancer together.

How does it work?

Ready to turn Blue Monday instead of Ready to torn Blue Monday

Great! Register your company and set up a company page. Personalize it by uploading pictures and a short bio. Tell the world what you’re going to do and how you will turn blue into pink on January 16th. This way, everyone can keep track of each other’s initiatives.

Are you fully registered and have you designed your business page?

Then it is time to start thinking about how you will shape your Pink Monday. When you register, you get advance access to the Mammo Quiz and our free online and offline info guides with some great ideas in them.

However, would you like to use all the Pink Monday tools? Then you can purchase the ready-made Pink Monday inspiration pack worth €495. Containing all our tips, tricks and tools to make your Pink Monday an unforgettable event.

Now you’ve got access to all the tools. It’s time to start planning your Pink Monday.

Involve your employees and get to work together. This way, you can turn 'Blue Monday into Pink Monday' into a real success!

P.S.: Don't forget to let your network know about your participation in Pink is the new Blue and encourage them to sign up as well.

Colouring your Pink Monday

There are several ways to organise your Pink Monday. If you still work from home a lot, we have developed a free online info guide with great ideas to create togetherness from a distance by participating in Pink Monday together. Are you all going back to the office full-time? Then your workplace is the ideal scene to add colour to Pink Monday. Highlight all pink office items and also put on a nice pink garment yourself. To make concrete plans for your day, our free offline info guide offers some great ideas in advance. But if you really want to impress, you can also purchase the ready-made Pink Monday inspiration pack once for €495. It contains all the tools to make your Pink Monday an unforgettable success.

Communication tools (social media copy, e-mail texts, etc.) are available to announce your participation in Pink is the new Blue internally and externally. But there are also informative videos from Pink Ribbon spokespeople who will teach you more about our non-profit organisation, the alarm signals and the importance of an active lifestyle. Moreover, a range of interactive tools have been elaborated by Pink Ribbon to talk about breast cancer in the workplace with your colleagues. These include a quiz to find out more about breast cancer and Pink Ribbon, an online escape room to test the knowledge gathered in a playful way, a recipe book to prepare a healthy lunch, a playlist to get everyone in the right mood, ... In short, a series of creative activities you can organise with your colleagues to make breast cancer a topic of discussion in the workplace!

Need Inspiration?

Informative videos

Teach your colleagues about Pink Ribbon, the 9 warning signs of breast cancer, the importance of a healthy lifestyle and let them hear the testimony of a person affected by breast cancer.

Knowledge quiz

What do you know about Pink Ribbon and breast cancer? Test your knowledge and that of your colleagues by taking our quiz together.

Escape room

Test your accumulated knowledge from the informative videos and the quiz in a playful way and do our online escape room.