Pink Monday

Why would you organise a Pink Monday?

Sixteen years ago, British psychologist Cliff Arnal coined the term 'Blue Monday' to refer to a day that he said is the most depressing day of the year. It is a Monday when the majority of the population feels gloomy and sad because it gets dark early, the holidays are behind us and the next holidays are not yet in sight.

Pink Ribbon wants to change this! Our mission is to turn the most depressing day of the year into a day of hope, support and awareness of breast cancer. This is how we turn Blue Monday into Pink Monday!

Pink is the new blue!

We will dedicate this day entirely to prevention, (early) detection of breast cancer and support for (former)breast cancer patients. Currently, 100,000 Belgian women are fighting the disease. In your workplace too, one women in nine may be affected by breast cancer. It is therefore important to support your affected colleague(s) in this difficult period. He or she will have to endure a tough journey with ups and downs. The support of their environment can make this journey much more bearable. 

We provide the necessary tips, tricks and tools, and your employees can carry them out. This way, we are fighting breast cancer together.

How to proceed?


Register your company and personalise the company page


Does your company want to organise a Pink Monday on 15 January? Then register your company for free on this website. After registration, you have to create a company page. Here you can write blog texts and post pictures about your Pink Monday. You can also raise funds for Pink Ribbon via your company page.


Discover the tool kit and plan your Pink Monday

As soon as your company is registered, you will get access to free tools. These will help you shape Pink Monday in your workplace.

Would you like to go the extra mile? Then you can buy the full tool kit once for €495. It is packed with interactive tools to inform your employees about breast cancer.

Spread the word about your Pink Monday

Let everyone know that your company is organising a Pink Monday. In the tool kit you will find a complete communication kit that you can use to raise awareness about Pink Monday.

Do you need some inspiration? 

There are several ways to make breast cancer a topic of discussion in the workplace. Put your company logo in pink and encourage everyone to wear a pink outfit

Our free tools include some great ideas to get the conversation about breast cancer going. Do you really want to make a difference? Buy the ready-made Pink Monday inspiration guide for €495. It contains all the tools to make your Pink Monday an unforgettable success. 

Pink Monday

Communication tools (social media copy, email texts, etc.) are available to announce your participation in Pink Monday internally and externally. There are also informative videos from Pink Ribbon spokespeople who can teach you more about our non-profit organisation, the warning signs of breast cancer and the importance of an active lifestyle. Moreover, a range of interactive tools have been elaborated by Pink Ribbon to talk about breast cancer in the workplace with your colleagues. There is a quiz to find out more about breast cancer and Pink Ribbon, an online escape room to test your knowledge in a playful way, a recipe book to prepare a healthy lunch and a playlist to get everyone in the right mood, ... In short, there are a host of creative activities that you can organise with your colleagues to make breast cancer a topic of discussion in the workplace!

Inform your employees about breast cancer

Escape room (EN)2024

Escape room (EN)2024

Learn more about breast cancer in an interactive way. Your employees are locked up in this virtual escape room and must try to get out.

Quiz (EN)2024

Quiz (EN)2024

How much do your employees know about breast cancer? Test their knowledge with this quiz.

Video testimonial

Video testimonial

How to tell your colleagues and employer that you have breast cancer? Veronique shares her story.