Pink Monday

When does Pink Monday take place?

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Pink Monday takes place on 15 January 2024, the third Monday of the month of January.

Why do you want to raise awareness of breast cancer on a Monday?

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Monday means the start of a new work week. After a fun and relaxing weekend, you sometimes feel sad. Do you recognize this feeling? It is also known as the Monday Blues. Pink Ribbon wants to counteract these depressing feelings and make this a day full of learning and hope.

What does Blue Monday mean?

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Sixteen years ago, British psychologist Cliff Arnal coined the term 'Blue Monday' to refer to a day that he said is the most depressing day of the year. It is a Monday when the majority of the population feels gloomy and sad because it is getting dark early, the holidays are behind us and new holidays are not yet in sight.

Pink Ribbon wants to change this. Our mission is to turn the most depressing day of the year into a day of hope, support and awareness of breast cancer. This is how we turn Blue Monday into Pink Monday!

How much does it cost to organise Pink Monday?

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Participating in Pink Monday is free. Register your company and you will get access to a number of free tools, such as a communication kit. 

Do you want to go the extra mile? Then you can purchase the ready-made Pink Monday tool kit for €495 (VAT excl.). It contains all the tools to make your Pink Monday a success, such as an interactive quiz, informative videos and a recipe book. 

Once your company is registered, you can also raise funds for Pink Ribbon via your company's page. 

Can I organise my Pink Monday event on a different date?

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Of course. We are officially kicking off Pink Monday on January 15th but you can organise a Pink Monday on any other date as well. 

Is it mandatory to do fundraising?

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No, it is not mandatory to do fundraising. If you have a great idea within your company to set up an extra action to raise money for Pink Monday, you certainly can.

Do all employees have to register?

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No, only the company admin has to set up a company page.

How do I register my company?

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  • When you click on the 'Register' button, you will be redirected to the registration page. Share your company's information and your contact information.
  • The next step is to create your company's page. Choose a name, upload a picture and edit the blog text.
  • You will have the option to make a donation - this is not compulsory.
  • Complete the registration flow by paying the registration fee.
  • Now you have full access to the platform and the free tools. If you want to purchase the full tool kit for € 495, you can do so on the tool kit page. 

What tools are available?

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As soon as your company has registered for Pink Monday you will have access to a number of free tools, such as a communication kit or flyers about breast cancer. 

You can also purchase the ready-made Pink Monday tool kit once for €495 (VAT excl.). It contains many tips and tools to make your Pink Monday a success. 

Have a look at the tool kit page to view all available tools.