Pink Monday

When does Pink Monday take place?

Whenever you want! You can turn any day into a hopeful Pink Monday. And yes, that may also be a Tuesday or Thursday.

Why organise this on a Monday?

Monday often means the start of a new work week. After a fun and relaxing weekend, you can feel sad. Do you recognize that feeling? Those feelings are also known as the Monday Blues. Pink Ribbon wants to counteract those depressing feelings and make it a day of learning and hope.

 How much does it cost me to organise Pink Monday?

The entry fee costs €495.

Can I organise my Pink Monday event on a different date?

Of course! We kicked off on January 17, but you are free to organize a Pink Monday in your company on any other day of the year.

Is it mandatory to do fundraising?

No, it is not mandatory to do fundraising. But if you have a great idea within your company and you would like to set up an extra action to raise money for Pink Monday, you certainly may.

Do all my colleagues have to register?

No, only the company admin has to set up a company page.

How do we register?

When you click on the 'Register' button, you will be redirected to the registration page. The page will ask your company information and your contact information as the company admin. In step 3 you create the company page. You give this company page a name, a photo and you can edit the blog text. After that you get the chance to make an optional donation. This is certainly not obligatory. In the last step, you will see a payment screen where you can pay the registration fee. After that, you get access to the inspiration package full of available tips, tricks and tools.


Which tools can we access to?

You will find various tips and tricks to make your Pink Monday a success. We have prepared different communication tools to make your participation known both internally and externally. There are also audiovisual tools available (i.e. informative videos) to inform your employees and to raise their awareness about breast cancer. You will have the opportunity to download and print printed materials (such as flyers, posters and stickers) as well. You will have access to this once you have registered for the event.