Pink Monday

When does Pink Monday take place?

Pink Monday takes place on 15th January 2024, the third Monday of the month of January.

Why organise this on a Monday?

Monday often means the start of a new work week. After a fun and relaxing weekend, you often feel sad. Do you recognize that feeling? This phenomenon is also known as the Monday Blues. Pink Ribbon wants to counteract these depressing feelings and make this a day full of learning and hope.

What does Blue Monday mean?

British psychologist Cliff Arnal came up with the term 'Blue Monday' in 2005 to refer to a day that – according to him – is the most depressing day of the year. He took different conditions into account: the Holidays are behind us, the days are short and the weather is cold while summer and annual leave aren’t in sight. A period in which a lot of people feel sad and even depressed. Pink Ribbon wants to change this! Pink is the new blue! Our mission is to turn the most depressing day of the year into a day of hope, support and awareness about breast cancer. This is how we will turn Blue Monday into Pink Monday!

How much does it cost me to organise Pink Monday?

Participating is absolutely free! You will also get access to some free resources, namely the online and offline inspiration guides and the sample programme, to fill out your Pink Monday. Of course, you can also purchase the ready-made Pink Monday package with all the resources. It costs a one-off €495 (VAT excl.) and is packed with useful communication tools and some fun ready-made activities. This way, you can easily and quickly organise a Pink Monday and support Pink Ribbon vzw.

Can I organise my Pink Monday event on a different date?

Of course! We kick off Pink Monday on January 16th but you can organize a Pink Monday on any other date as well. 

Is it mandatory to do fundraising?

No, it is not mandatory to do fundraising. But if you have a great idea within your company and you would like to set up an extra action to raise money for Pink Monday, you certainly may.

Do all my colleagues have to register?

No, only the company admin has to set up a company page.

How do we register?

When you click on the 'Register' button, you will be redirected to the registration page. The page will ask your company information and your contact information as the company admin. In step 3 you create the company page. You give this company page a name, a photo and you can edit the blog text. After that you get the chance to make an optional donation. This is certainly not obligatory. In the last step, you will see a payment screen where you can pay the registration fee. After that, your profile is created and you get access to the platform. You can already view and download a number of tools. If you want to use the entire toolkit, you can purchase it once for €495.

Which tools can we access to?

When your company is registered for Pink is the new Blue, you will already get access to some free resources, these are our online and offline info guides and the sample programme. Or you can order the ready-made Pink Monday inspiration pack for €495 (VAT excl.). It contains all the tips and tricks to make your Pink Monday a success.

We have prepared several communication tools to make your participation known both internally and externally, including social media copy, e-mail texts and e-mail banners. Audiovisual tools are available, such as social media visuals and videos, as well as informative videos from some Pink Ribbon spokespeople to inform and raise awareness about breast cancer among your employees. Furthermore, you also get the option to download and print printed materials, i.e. flyers, posters and stickers. But there’s so much more! This year we have also added some ready-made, creative activities, which will make it not only a hopeful and educational, but also an interactive day. You can organise a quiz to increase your knowledge about Pink Ribbon and breast cancer. An online escape room has also been created where you can test your accumulated knowledge in a game. Furthermore, a recipe book was developed with some tasty, healthy and quick dishes to prepare with your colleagues, as well as a Pink Monday playlist to get everyone in the right mood. In short, a whole range of known tools and novelties available for only €495.