About The

Pink Walk

Take a hike breast cancer!

Are you up for the challenge? Motivate all your friends, family and colleagues and try to walk or move more throughout the month of May, from the 1st until the 31st of May, in the fight against breast cancer. Sign up yourself, your team or your business for the ninth edition of The Pink Walk and tell breast cancer to take a hike! 

The Pink Walk:

How does it work?
  1. Go to our revamped platform and sign up individually, as a team or with your business and support Pink Ribbon.
  2. Connect your pedometer with the platform or enter the number of steps manually.
  3. The Pink Walk platform simply registers all the steps you walk throughout the month of May. Pink Ribbon adds them up for you and shows you the results. This way you can track your progress individually, or with your team or business and compare your results with those of other participants.
Motivate each other even more as a team

Teams are the heart and soul of The Pink Walk. After all, isn’t it much more fun to walk together instead of on your lonesome? You can create a team with your family, your circle of friends or your association. Are your colleagues strapping on their hiking shoes as well? Then you can opt to form a single large company team or several smaller teams. And obviously a little competition can’t hurt. For instance, why not have team HR compete against Communication? Or perhaps a battle of the generations is just the thing: team children versus team parents? Motivate as many people in your entourage as possible to take part in The Pink Walk and find out who has the best walking feet.  

How can I support the good cause?

Whether you’re taking part in The Pink Walk on your own, as a team or with work colleagues, the entrance fee is €12 per participant.

You’d like to support Pink Ribbon but you’re not exactly a walking enthusiast? No problem! We’ve made it easy to sponsor participants for the kilometers they chalk up. Got someone in mind? Look up his or her profile and choose the amount you’d like to contribute for the steps walked. In addition to backing your friend, family member, colleague or neighbour, your contribution also provides extra support in the fight against breast cancer.

The Pink Walk in October was a success! Will we do even better in May?

The eighth edition of The Pink Walk in October, was a great success. With no less than 8,625 participants, we walked around the world almost 31 times. A great achievement! The challenge for this ninth edition will be to do it even better. Will 10,000 participants walk around the world 50 times?