Take a hike breast cancer!

Are you up for the challenge? Motivate all your friends, family and colleagues and walk or move more throughout the month of May in the fight against breast cancer. Sign up yourself, your team or your business for the ninth edition of The Pink Walk and tell breast cancer to take a hike!


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The Pink Walk?

The Pink Walk is not your typical walking event that takes place in one day, it’s a commitment that lasts the entire month of May. How, when and where?

That’s entirely up to you. Sign up online on this platform. Enter your daily number of steps and/or kilometers via your pedometer, smartphone or just manually.

We collect all the data and you get to see your own and your team’s ranking, the progress of the number of participants, how many of times we walked around the world and much more! So what are you waiting for?

New this edition are our adorable, four-legged ambassadors. Because did you know that people with a dog walk more? And are therefore, by definition, healthier? Don’t have a dog of your own? No worries! Maybe you could go for a walk with that one colleague or your neighbour who does have one!

After all, walking together is more fun than walking alone, right?

Which city will be the most active walking city in Belgium?

Since the last edition of The Pink Walk there has been a competition between the cities. Do Brussels residents walk more than Antwerp residents? Or do they walk more at the coast than in the Ardennes? Show that your municipality supports (breast)cancer patients. Will you make sure your municipality becomes the most active walking city in Belgium?

Get sponsored!

By taking part in The Pink Walk you are not only keeping in shape, you’re also supporting a charitable cause. At this very moment no fewer than 100,000 patients are battling breast cancer. Pink Ribbon uses the funds collected through The Pink Walk to support concrete projects to tell breast cancer to take a hike.   

Are you prepared to go the extra mile to support our fight? Then round up all your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours and have them sponsor you through the user-friendly The Pink Walk platform.

Need inspiration? 

Discover the 10,000 steps platform

Pink Support

Are you looking for another way to contribute to the fight against breast cancer? Look no further! Head over to the Pink Support platform and discover how you can join the fight in your own way.

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Are you participating in The Pink Walk?

Then share your participation, walking photos and walking routes on your socials with the #ThePinkWalk and call on others around you to also sign up for this walking challenge. Because this is how we tell breast cancer to take a hike! Follow our socials and let all your friends know that you are participating in The Pink Walk!