Support the fight

against breast cancer

in a festive mood  

Christmas with a touch of pink

The holiday season is not just randomly called “the most wonderful time of the year”.

What if you could make the festive season even more special by supporting the fight against breast cancer?

Let your imagination run wild and give your Christmas an extra touch of pink! 

How can you do this?

Step 1: Choose an action

What is the campaign you would you like to set up this Christmas? Think about what you want to do, who with and why you are organising the action. 

Step 2: Create your personal event page

Register and create your own action page. Personalise your page with photos and share the story behind your Christmas campaign. That way, everyone will know why you want to dedicate this festive season to Pink Ribbon. 

Step 3: Spread the word

Is your action page ready? Make sure to share it by email or on your socials and ask your friends, family and colleagues to boost your page with a donation. 

Why dedicate your Christmas season to Pink Ribbon?

Christmas and New Year’s parties are the perfect opportunity to bring people together and raise funds for charity. If someone close to you has been affected by breast cancer, this could be the time to show support by being together with family and friends. It could also be a nice moment to remember a loved one who sadly lost the battle against the disease and can no longer join the festive table. Or who knows, you might want to use this period to celebrate someone’s final chemo session, the first big step towards healing. The reason and story behind your Christmas action make it a real tribute, giving every euro raised, so much added value. 

Donate your Christmas presents

Not sure what to ask for as a Christmas present this year? You could ask for a donation, big or small, in the fight against breast cancer! The money will be completely spent on the expansion of projects in relation to prevention, (early) detection and psychosocial support to (former) patients and their environment.  

Sponsor your (grand)child's New Year's letter

Is your (grand)child a real poet when it comes to New Year’s letters? In that case, you could create a special action page and ask for a donation for every sentence in the letter. You will be sure to raise a nice amount of money to support the fight against breast cancer! 

Fill your Christmas tree with (Pink Ribbon) baubles

WWould you like to decorate your Christmas tree, but haven't figured out how? Let family, friends, neighbours and/or sympathisers decorate your Christmas tree! For every donation of, say, €5 on your action page, you place a bauble in your tree and share how it gets filled piece by piece.  

 P.S.: Would you like to make your Christmas tree extra special? Order the Pink Ribbon Christmas baubles and give your tree that extra touch of pink!