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Monday 27th May

It’s not difficult to walk 10,000 steps. The hard part is doing it EVERYDAY. A lot of things could have stopped me from walking, such as unfavourite weather condition, exhausted from other activities, or simply not in the mood.

The encouragement from family and friends through sponsorship is vital for my completion of this initiative. I am so grateful that my generous neighbour spared her precious time from family and work to accompany me making the walk. Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped me throughout my stay in Belgium. You welcome me, a student from Taiwan and made me feel at home here. I cannot pay back each of you for your kindness and can only pay it forward.      


Wednesday 22nd May
I participated in the 9th edition of Pink Walk sponsored by my colleagues. For this walk, participants are supposed to take 10,000 steps daily in May with a goal to help fundraising for breast cancer patients and research. 

I hesitated a bit before joined because my vacation started in the end of May. This will cut down a few days I can walk, which means I need to make more than 10,000 steps/ 8km a day to reach the goal of 310,000 steps. I was not certain if I can make it. However, a challenge is a challenge. Here I am, the 22th days, 279,495 steps.

Thank you to my sponsors


Rik Fransens

Keep up the good work! I hope you can reach your ambitious goal of 10k steps per day, would be impressive 👍👍 ❤️


Yi-jen Chuang


Bert & Anja, Opa En Oma

Great initiative Yi-Jen! Hang in there, your goal is coming closer every day!


Bart Budé

Fijn dat je dit doet Yi-Jen. Succes!


Jan & Miet