Take action

Show you care!

If you have breast cancer yourself or you know someone who has or has had breast cancer, and you want to do something to fight this disease, simply set up your own event page to raise money for the Pink Ribbon projects. 

Your initiative can be large or small-scale, something completely new or something based on an existing idea, something you are doing alone or as part of a group. The possibilities are endless! And as long as your campaign involves the fight against breast cancer, you are on the right track.

In need of some inspiration?

Do you want to get cracking and start your own initiative? To help you get started, we have listed a number of event examples: 

Design your own accessories!

Do you have an eye for fashion and are you a dab hand at working with different materials? Use your creativity to create your own jewellery, key rings, (hand)bags,… Each item sold will contribute to the fight against breast cancer.

Get baking!

If you like to showcase your talents in the kitchen or if you are passionate about all things baking, organise a big cake fest, waffle event or cookie baking party to raise funds for Pink Ribbon.

Knit for Pink Ribbon!

Many breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation are at risk of losing their hair. If you like knitting and sowing, why not create some hats and scarves to protect their heads and raise money for charity at the same time? Of course knits for family and friends are also fine. ūüėä

Why set up an event?

You can help make a difference by setting up your own initiative. It is a great way to show your commitment and support in the

fight against breast cancer. The nice thing about setting up your own event is that you choose what you want to do,

whom you want to do it with and when you will do this. You can put your own stamp on your event based on your

personal story or that of a fellow sufferer, family member, friend, colleague or neighbour. With that story and your good cause in mind,

you can raise funds for Pink Ribbon in your very own way.

How can you do this?

Step 1: Think of an event

Think about the event you would like to set up. Think about what you want to do, whom you want to do it with, when and why.

Step 2: Create your personal event page

Register and set up your own event page. Personalise your page with photos and tell your story to let everyone know why you want to dedicate your event to Pink Ribbon.

Step 3: Spread the word

When your event page is all set up, share it by email or your social media and ask your friends, family and colleagues for a donation. If they want, they can also set up their own event to raise extra money.