How long does this event run?

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You can support these ribbons until a few weeks after International Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Where do the proceeds go?

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The proceeds will be used to continue to expand Pink Ribbon vzw's projects in the field of prevention, early detection and psychosocial care for patients and former patients and their families. Have a look at our projects via www.pink-ribbon.be.

On the general Pink Support page you can set up an action to benefit Pink Ribbon at any time.


Can I still send in a design?

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No, no more designs can be submitted.

Isn't it unfair that a certain design is always at the top?

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This is not the case. To prevent a particular ribbon from always being at the top, each time the page is refreshed, a new name will appear at the top.


Do I receive a tax certificate for a donation?

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Donations made directly through this support platform are not tax deductible.

You can also make a donation to the Pink Ribbon Fund through the King Baudouin Foundation webpage. Payments through the King Baudouin Foundation are tax deductible, but be aware that this is only deductible from €40. These donations will only appear with the supported ribbon after several days.

Do you have to register if you want to donate?

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No, sponsors do not have to register first.

Is there a minimum amount to donate?

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The minimum amount to donate is €1.

Are all ribbons for sale?

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No, unfortunately we cannot release and sell all designs. But you can support them! Go to the overview page, look at the different designs, read the accompanying stories and support one or more designs. That way, you too can support the fight against breast cancer.