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Which ribbon do you support? 

Pink Ribbon asked (former) breast cancer patients and those around them to design a ribbon with which they could honor caregivers. Besides family and friends, caregivers also make patients' treatment a lot more bearable. So we asked: which caregiver has made the difference for you? We received many gripping stories and beautiful meaningful ribbon designs. You can find them on this website.  

These are the courageous testimonies of (ex-)breast cancer patients, but also of people who have have been affected by the disease in their close circle. These are their stories, their ribbons: honest and poignant, pink but sometimes with a black edge. Because breast cancer is not an exclusively rosy story: not for the breast cancer patients, nor for those around them. The support and care for cancer patients and those around them is much needed. Show your support and sponsor the ribbon that appeals to you the most.

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