Are you all ready to put on your walking shoes or do you still have some questions? On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Walk for Pink Ribbon.

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When can I sign up for the Walk for Pink Ribbon?

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From March 20, 2023 you can sign up for the first edition of the Walk for Pink Ribbon, which will take place on Whit Monday, May 29, 2023.

What is the closing date for registration?

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It's possible to register until the day of the event itself. So register until Whit Monday, May 29, 2023. It's even possible to register on the spot at the start site.

How much is the participation fee?

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To join the Walk for Pink Ribbon you pay €15 per participant and children under 12 walk for free. Members of Wandelsport Vlaanderen receive a 10% discount. It is still possible to register on the spot on May 29, 2023. This price includes participation in the walk event as well as a nice goodie bag.

What payment options are available?

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You can pay in three different ways:
1. With your credit card (VISA/mastercard). The payment system will always request your CVC code. Payments must be confirmed using a card reader, Bancontact or a QR code.
2. With your Maestro card. The payment system will always request your CVC code i.e. the last 3 digits of your card number (17 digits). Payments must be confirmed usinga card reader.
3. You can also pay with PayPal.

Will I receive a tax certificate when I sign up?

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Signing up for the Walk for Pink Ribbon doesn’t come with a tax certificate. However, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Pink Ribbon Fund on the webpage Make a donation. Attention: donations are only tax deductible as of €40. After a number of days this donation will also show up on your individual fundraising page.

How can I sign up for the Walk for Pink Ribbon?

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1. Go to https://pinksupport.pink-ribbon.be/event/walk-for-pink-ribbon-en
2. Click the ‘Register’ button in the top right hand corner.
3. Complete the registration procedure. Fill out the requested personal details and select a profile picture.
4. Pay the entrance fee and make a donation right away if you’re so inclined.
5. Your registration is now up! 
Important! Everyone over the age of 12 must register for the walk. This is not required for children under the age of 12. Parents can co-register their children under 18 when they register themselves.


Where is the start of the walks?

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The start of the walks is at the Euroscoop, then towards the main gateway Terhills (former Connecterra, Maasmechelen). This is where the National Park Visitor Center is located. The main entrance gate to the National Park is part of the Terhills tourist-recreational destination.

Are all the routes signposted?

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The 3.6 km green route takes you over the long terril to the panorama point in one hour.

The blue route of 5.4 km leads not only to the panorama point but also around the small pond of the Terhills Cable Park.

The purple route of 9.5 km goes all the way around the big pond and gives a beautiful panorama of both the long terril and the twin terril. During this hike you also pass the Terhills Resort. 

The hike map is for sale at the National Park Visitor Center, also the starting point of your hike. Would you like a word of explanation? Our team will gladly help you on your way! You can recognize us by our Pink Ribbon fluorescent vests.

Can I download a plan of the 3 hikes?

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All the routes are on Komoot, the most popular hiking app of the moment. Hikers can view them on their phones: https://www.komoot.com/nl-nl/collection/1845905/-toegangspoort-terhills-national-park-visitor-center. More info can also be found at https://www.nationaalparkhogekempen.be/nl/wandelen.

Is it possible to leave the walk during the trail?

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Yes you can, you can return to the starting point at any time.

Are dogs allowed to walk with you in the park? Are they welcome in Maasmechelen Village?

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Yes you can bring dogs, even your faithful four-legged friend deserves a relaxing day out. Just keep in mind the following rules: 
Dogs accompanied by their owners are welcome everywhere in the park and Village, as long as they are kept on a leash.
If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior, we ask that it be muzzled.
We ask owners to leave every area in the park the Village neat and tidy when leaving.
Always have the necessary items with you to ensure the cleanliness of the park and Village.
Forgotten plastic bags? You can find them at the Tourist Information Center, across the Essentiel boutique in the Village.
Be extra careful with dogs that are sick, unvaccinated or in heat.
Owners are not only responsible for their dog's well-being, but are also liable for damage and/or injuries caused by their dog(s) to other guests, animals and/or property.
The organization may refuse entry to dogs that harass other guests or if the above rules are not followed.

Are the hikes tough?

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Keep in mind that the hikes in the park are on semi-paved trails and are steep in some places.

Is there a time limit?

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There is no time limit, you can start from 10:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the latest. We ask to finish before 5:30 p.m., then we will close the Walk for Pink Ribbon day.

Can I choose from the 3 different walks?

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Depending on how many km you want to walk you can do several walks during the Walk for Pink Ribbon: you can choose between 3.6 km, 5.4 km and 9.5 km.

Can I also run down the trail during the Walk for Pink Ribbon, or only walk?

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The area is open to both walkers and runners.

Can I cycle the course during the Walk for Pink Ribbon?

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No, the area is only open to walkers and runners, no cycling is allowed.

Is it possible to do the walks with a (baby) stroller?

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The area and walks are accessible with baby carriages, just keep in mind that in some parts there are steep inclines and also stairs.

I have difficulty walking, can I join the walks?

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We recommend the green route of 3.6 km. This will take you in one hour over the long terril to the panorama point. Take into account the steep slopes and stairs.

How do I recognize volunteers (from Wandelsport Vlaanderen) along the way?

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Volunteers can be identified by fluorescent vests with the Pink Ribbon logo.

I lost my child during the hike, are there any landmarks provided along the way?

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In the Village: statue of pink Manneke Pis

In the Park: main entrance National Park Visitor Center

Euroscope: TBC

Volunteers are also provided at various points during the walk, recognizable by a fluorescent vest with the Pink Ribbon logo on it. We also provide start/registration wristbands for children where parents can put their cell phone data. (Maasmechelen Village)


Can I have my sports bag and/or backpack taken into storage?

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TBC (Maasmechelen Village)

Where is the start and finish area of the Walk for Pink Ribbon?

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The start of the walks is at the Euroscoop, then towards the main gate (former Connecterra, Maasmechelen). This is where the National Park Visitor Center is located. The main entrance gate of the National Park is part of the Terhills tourist-recreational destination.

Where are the restrooms?

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There will be plenty of sanitary facilities at both the Euroscoop starting point and at the National Park Visitor Center, follow the arrows 'toilets'.

Furthermore, there are also 3 facilities available in Maasmechelen Village.

For wheelchair patients: National Park Visitor Center has accessible sanitary facilities.

Is there a place to get something to drink or eat?

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Thirsty or hungry? No problem, at the starting point (Euroscoop) we provide some food trucks in cooperation with the catering of Maasmechelen Village. Before or after the walk(s) you can come here and choose from a wide range of food and drinks.

May I provide my own supplies? May I picnic?

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Bringing your own picnic is certainly allowed as well as picnicking, both on the terrace and on the hiking grounds. In fact, you will find several picnic benches on the hiking area that are perfect for a tasty get-together.

Note! If you
would like to picnic on the terrace near the reception desk, we ask you to purchase drinks and not to bring your own.

Where can I park and is it free?

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Free parking for cars is provided for the Walk for Pink Ribbon at the Decathlon parking lot, Kolenmijn Limburg-Maasland 3, 3630 Maasmechelen. Our parking attendants will gladly assist you upon arrival. 

Each parking lot is equipped with electric charging stations. Take exit 32 off the E314, follow the signs to Leisure Valley. At the traffic circle, follow the signs to Leisure Valley and Maasmechelen Village.

If this parking lot is full, the parking attendants will direct you to the other free parking lots of Maasmechelen Village.

Is there bicycle parking? If so, where?

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TBC (Maasmechelen Village)

How do I get to the Walk for Pink Ribbon by public transportation?

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Easily accessible from Genk train station, where cabs and buses will take you to Maasmechelen Village. For more information and tickets, click on the buttons below.


There is a bus service between Maasmechelen Village and Hasselt or Genk. Bus line No. 45 leaves from the stations of Hasselt and Genk and takes you to the nearest stop "Eisden Maasmechelen Village" in 40 to 60 minutes. Consult www.delijn.be for more information on bus schedules. A day pass costs €6, which allows unlimited travel within the De Lijn network. For more information, contact De Lijn customer service +32 (0)70 220 200.

For more information about cab transportation to Maasmechelen Village please call CityTax Laoneke on +32 (0)89 44 00 55.

Is there a children's playground?

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Yes definitely, there is a mine themed playground for hours of fun for small and big kids. You can keep an eye on them from the terrace.

Can I spend the night?

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Would you like to stay somewhere that also advises you about the Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen? You can do so at the National Park lodges. They are located near the park, they sell walking and cycling maps and offer the necessary suggestions. Info on Hotels, B&Bs, vacation homes, group accommodations, campsites and recreation parks and RV parks can be found here: Overnight| National Park (nationaalparkhogekempen.be)

For wheelchair-friendly places to stay, visit this site: people-with-disabilities