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On Whit Monday, May 20, 2024, is the second edition of the Walk for Pink Ribbon. Wandelsport Vlaanderen and Pink Ribbon are joining forces for the spring walk of the year. Together they are committed to the fight against breast cancer, because every step contributes to a healthier future. 

Register and enjoy together with the whole family the beautiful architecture of the “cité” of Eisden-Tuinwijk and/or the unspoiled nature of National Park Hoge Kempen For the keen hikers, a 35km trail walk is also included this year. You can turn it into a wonderful weekend getaway and discover the many tourist attractions nearby, including Maasmechelen Village, Elaisa Energetic Wellness, Center Parcs, etc.

Walk for Pink Ribbon

Walk with us on Whit Monday, 20 May 2024 on one of five varied walks (3.5 km - 5 km - 10 km - 15 km - 35 km). 


To join the Walk for Pink Ribbon, you pay €15 per participant for the 3.5 km, 5 km, 10 km and 15 km walks. The 35 km trail walk costs €25 per participant. Children under 16 walk for free.  The price includes provisioning on the way.

Special rates are provided for members of Wandelsport Vlaanderen: €10 for the 3.5 km, 5 km, 10 km and 15 km walks and €20 for the 35 km trail walk.


Did you know...

1 in 3 cancer diagnoses can be avoided by living a healthy and balanced lifestyle? By exercising at least 30 minutes every day, you are already well on your way. What are you waiting for?

So, help support the fight against breast cancer, because 1 in 9 women will face breast cancer in her lifetime. The money raised will support the projects of the Medical Knowledge Centre Breast Cancer.


Every step counts! 


Smart ways to Maasmechelen

Avoid unnecessary stress and take public transportation. Every hour there is a bus (No. 44), from the train stations in Genk or Hasselt, that will take you to Terhills (bus stop Eisden Kunstacademie). Check the timetable at www.delijn.be

Park for free and enjoy a carefree day

Take exit 32 off the E314, follow the signs to Leisure Valley. At the roundabout, follow the signs to Leisure Valley and Maasmechelen Village. Park for free in the many car parks in the immediate area. Extra parking spaces are provided in the Kolemijn Limburg car park - Maaslaan 3 (Decathlon car park).


The start and arrival area is located at the Visitor Centre of National Park Hoge Kempen. You can start walking between 8:30 am and 5 pm. Walk at your own pace and choose which walk(s) you would like to do, but make sure you arrive at 17h30 at the latest. The starting and finishing points are the same for all trails.

What are you still waiting for?


Where a quarter of a century ago the Eisden coal mine was still running at full speed, today you will find the Terhills landscape, characterised by hills and lakes with spectacular panoramas. In the immediate area, you will also find the Tuinwijk-Eisden mining site, where beautifully preserved miners' dwellings can be admired. Be enchanted by this extraordinary landscape, the heritage of the mining industry and so much more.

Trails Eisden-Tuinwijk mining site

Twenty-five years ago, the Terhills mines were still active. To attract miners, modern housing estates were erected in the nearby area, so-called "Tuinwijk", which means “Garden Suburbs”.

Today, the mining citadel, with its impressive facades, is the architectural highlight of the residential areas. Here you will find four beautifully restored mining buildings, including a director's and miner's house, and even a castle. 

Enjoy the well-preserved former miners' houses and gardens on a cultural walk that takes you back in history. Tuinwijk-Eisden is fully paved, making it accessible to wheelchair users and families with buggies.

   3,5 km (60 minutes)

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The start of this walk is located at Terhills. From there, you will continue to Tuinwijk-Eisden. During this route, you will pass authentic miners' houses and their gardens, and then through the Queen's Park, where you will encounter the statue of Queen Elisabeth and a kiosk.

This trail is relatively easy and runs entirely on paved surfaces, making it accessible to hikers of various levels.

   5 km (1 h 30) 

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During this route, you will be surrounded by authentic miners' houses and their gardens. You pass the Queen's Park, where the statue of Queen Elisabeth and a kiosk will attract your attention. The route continues past St Barbara church, also known as the mine cathedral.

This walking route is ideal for inexperienced hikers and runs entirely on paved paths. Along the way, there are several opportunities to rest, go to the toilet or have a drink.

Trails National Park Hoge Kempen

Discover the beauty of National Park Hoge Kempen on a variety of hikes. As the only National Park in Belgium, this unique nature reserve covers more than 12,000 acres of natural splendor. The park has a dual mission: to preserve nature and provide recreational opportunities for people. With 440 kilometers of hiking trails, an extensive bicycle route network, 200 kilometers of unpaved trails for mountain bikers, and an extensive equestrian network, there is something for everyone.

This treasure trove of biodiversity presents vast pine forests, flowering heaths and shifting dunes. Large ponds bear witness to gravel and sand extraction, while the high peaks offer breathtaking vistas.

Every year, National Park Hoge Kempen attracts more than 1.2 million visitors who enjoy an authentic experience of nature.

  10 km
(2 h – 2 h 30)

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This hiking trail circles the vast pond of Terhills Cable Park and leads you to the panoramic point on the high terril, which is a mountain created by debris from coal mines. At this spot, you can relax and enjoy breathtaking views of hills and lakes.

This route is of medium difficulty and takes you mostly on unpaved, hilly paths.

  15 km
(3 h – 4 h)

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This route circles the vast pond of Terhills Cable Park. At the panoramic point of the imposing terril you can relax and unwind, before continuing towards the enchanting Mechelse Heide. At the end of the trail, you pass by the historic mine shafts.

This hiking trail is partly unpaved and is specially designed for recreational hikers. Two refreshment points are available along the way, so you can enjoy the beautiful Limburg countryside undisturbed.

  35 km
(entire day)

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The Trainwalk takes you past the enchanting pond of Terhills Cable Park and the panorama point where you can relax. The route then takes you through the breathtaking Mechelse Heide and further extends to the Royal Opgrimbie Domain, the valley of Ziepdeek and the Kikbeek Valley. 

After a challenging climb up to the Kempish plateau, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the Maas Valley.

This hike is suitable for experienced hikers, given the high level of difficulty. Three refreshment points are available along the way.

Do you already know which trail(s) you're going for?

What are you definitely taking with you?

Put on solid (walking) shoes, the necessary protection against sun (or rain) and don't forget to bring your QR code as proof of registration. With your good mood included, we will have an amazing Walk for Pink Ribbon!  

Tip: For ecological reasons we ask you to bring your own drink bottle or cup.

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