Dedicate a special day to Pink Ribbon

A special moment

Have you got a birthday coming up, but you have no idea what you would like as a gift? Have you just given birth to your first child and would you like to accompany the birth with one more lovely memory? Or have you just lost a loved one to breast cancer and would you like to commemorate him or her in a beautiful way? Dedicate one of these moments in life to Pink Ribbon and ask for a donation instead of a gift or bunch of flowers.

How can you do this?

Step 1: Choose a special day

What moment would you like to dedicate to Pink Ribbon: your birthday, wedding anniversary, the graduation ceremony of your eldest child or perhaps the first day of your retirement?

Step 2: Create your personal event page

Register and set up your own event page. Personalise your page with photos and tell your story to let everyone know why you want to dedicate your special day to Pink Ribbon.

Step 3: Spread the word

When your event page is all set up, share it by email or your social media and ask your friends, family and colleagues to make a donation to Pink Ribbon instead of a gift.

Why dedicate a special moment in life to Pink Ribbon?

Breast cancer can affect anyone, young or old, male or female. By dedicating a special day to those who are fighting this disease every day, you support them and their environment. Because nobody should ever fight this disease alone. Anyone can dedicate a special day to Pink Ribbon. It allows you to help make a difference and makes your day the best gift you can give to people with breast cancer.

Special birthday

Hello baby

In loving memory