Why does the platform ask me at the registration if I want to make a sponsorship?

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Since the platform is a fundraising platform, the question is raised in connection with a sponsorship. Of course, this remains  a free choice. Those who do not want to sponsor, certainly do not have to. Therefore, you can also set your goal to € 0. However, removing the sponsorship goal is not possible. Thus, sponsorship is certainly not an obligation to participate.

Do I get a tax receipt for a sponsorship of an individual, team or company?

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You will not receive a tax receipt for your registration fee of The Pink Walk.

However, on the “Make a donation” webpage (https://kbs-frb.be/nl/pink-ribbon-fonds-vrienden-van) you can make a donation to the Pink Ribbon Fund, which is then tax deductible. Please note that donations are only tax deductible from € 40. This donation will also appear on your individual fundraising page after a few working days.

How do I ask others to sponsor me? 

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  1. On your personal profile page, go to the “request support” button.
  2. Then you can choose to copy the support link or generate a QR code.
  3. You can share this support link or QR code with your network.
  4. You can also choose to ask for support through your social media channels or you can also send an email.