Should we as a team always walk together? 

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No, definitely not! The platform will automatically aggregate your individual steps. Of course it is nice to walk together and motivate each other, but this is certainly not a must.

Can I still create my own team when I am already individually registrered? 

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You certainly can. You click on your name in the upper right corner and go to your personal dashboard. There you will see, between the options “my page” and “my account”, the other option “create a team”. When you select that option, you can quickly and easily create your own team and invite others to be part of your team.

As team captain, you can add additional team members at any time by going to the next page: https://pinksupport.pink-ribbon.be/login/team/members. Then select “Add team member” at the bottom. The new team member will have to pay for hir or her own participation.

Can I still join an existing team when I am already individually registered?

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Yes you can. However, you can only be part of one team and not multiple teams.

Public team

You search for the team in question using the search bar at the top of the page. On the team page, you will find the “Join us” button. By clicking on it, you will become a member of this team.

Private team

The team captain must first provide you with a link to join the team in question. It is important that you are individually registered first.

Why don't I see my team on the leader board?

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Your team will appear only from the moment one of your teammates has taken the first steps. As long as the step counter is at zero, your team will not be listed on the leader board.

Can I pay for teammates online afterwards?

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No. You can only pay for your teammates when register individually. If you want to add more teammates afterwards, they have to pay for their own participation.

My individual leader board is correct, but my team's step count is too low. How is this possible?

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The individual scoreboard shows how many steps each participant has taken. On the team scoreboard we do not display the total number of steps. To make a fair distribution between the different teams, the average number of steps per team is displayed. Thus, the total number of steps of all team members is divided by the number of team members. Thus, a team of 2 can compare itself to one of 20.